Airport Mesa Sedona Arizona

Airport Mesa Sedona Arizona lenticular cloud sunset


I love Sedona! No, I adore Sedona! It’s definitely one of my favorite places that we have traveled to so far. If I wasn’t so darn allergic to something there, I would even live there. Such incredible beauty! And…

A little bit of weirdness.

If you do any research on Sedona, you will see lots of references to “vortexes”, “portals for terrestrial spirits” and other strange oddities.

Now, I’m from Chicago, born and bred. We don’t do weird stuff like extraterrestrial beings or energy vortexes. We do overpriced housing, crazy taxes and bad politics (I guess we lie in different ways LOL). So when I first heard about these weird people who would hike to the top of these mountains to find the energy vortexes and experience strange bodily sensations I was all like, “yea right”.

And then I went there.

My husband and I took a drive up to Airport Mesa to experience the sunset from up high. We had heard from people in our campground that the views there were amazing – and we were not disappointed! I can’t say that we experienced any odd or unusual experiences, but we did see this way cool lenticular cloud above the mountain at sunset, as if to say to us, “See – there are extraterrestrial things going on here, you just gotta believe it!”

And so just maybe we did go home with a little tingle in our neck that night – so what? It was a beautiful adventure anyways!

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